Frequently asked questions

Where is your store located?

I currently do not have a store front but would love to one day! I operate under Michigan's Cottage Food Law. This means your order will be picked up at an residential location. For more information regarding Michigan's Cottage Food Law please visit : https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/homemade_food_products_and_the_michigan_cottage_food_law

Is everything really gluten-free?

Yes!! Having Celiacs Disease myself, I take producing a safe product seriously. All food is produced in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen with certified gluten free flours.

Do you ship?

Unfortunetly, no. This is strictly prohibited under Michigans Cottage Law. Hopefully someday!

How do I order?

All orders must be submitted by email or through the order forms located under the menus. Being a one person operation, this ensures no mistakes are made and also allows me to serve the maximum amount of customers. If you have any questions about any of the products and feel more comfortable talking on the phone, please feel free to call! Once your order is submitted, please allow 24 hours for response. You will then be emailed an invoice. Your invoice will include a pick-up address as well as a scheduled pick-up time you have selected. Please FULLY read your invoice and make sure all information is correct before paying. Your order will not be placed into the schedule until your order is paid. During certain times of the year my calendar fills up very quickly so I recommend paying your invoice as soon as possible. Then I will see you at your scheduled pick up!