Frequently asked questions

Where is your store located?

We currently do not have a store front and operate under Michigan's Cottage Food Law. For more information regarding Michigan's Cottage Food Law please visit : https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/homemade_food_products_and_the_michigan_cottage_food_law All orders my must be scheduled by email goldiesglutenfree@gmail.com or by using our contact forms.

How do we get your products?

Since we do not have a store front productas are available by scheduled pick-up only. - Pick-up is available at my residence by APPOINTMENT ONLY. It is very importantant to arrive at scheduled time, so please plan accordinly. I am a one woman run operation and have other schedualed pick-ups through out the day.

Is everything really gluten-free?

Yes!! Having Celiacs Diseas myself, we take producing a safe product extremely seriously. All our food is produced in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. Also, all of our ingredients are listed with each item as well as provied with each order on printed invoice.

Do you ship?

Unfortunetly, no. This is strictly prohibited under Michigans Cottage Law.